My name is Fagrie Vraagom.

I was born and raised on the Cape Flats, Cape Town, where I still reside in 2016. I was born in the year 1989 to a couple of different religious faiths and different blood lines. My parents were both substance users and abusers, specifically Metacologn/Buttons, and this resulted later in my being raised by my granny.

At the age of three my father was stabbed and killed on the beach in his car by his own friends. My mommy went on staying in the Cape Flats… Going from place to place; to where ever her addiction led her. In the year 2002 she was diagnosed with cancer. My mom then went to go stay with my sister who was my opposite neighbour, and we began building a relationship.

Growing up with a Moslem name in a Christian house caused me many a dark days. I got pulled between these two worlds and it nearly tore me apart. Through this struggle, I found that inside of me, dormant, was great energy, bigger than religion and it set me on a path to GOD.

A few years had passed when I discovered that I had a calling, and my calling was to rebuild the broken self-esteem of all this nations’ people through my ability with words and my gift with people. I found the art form called Hip Hop and thought, this is my vehicle! I was judged by what my hair looked like and who my mommy was and what I was taught to believe. But little did they know… I would grow up to be their saviour. (Part 1) trailer…lol