Puberty, what is puberty? When does it start? Who does it effect? What will happen? These are some of the questions that go through an adolescent’s mind.

What is puberty?

Puberty is when a child’s body begins to develop and changes as they become an adult. These changes that you see come across as both physical, what you can see, as well as emotional, what you can’t see, such as feelings.

When does puberty in boys and girls start and end?

For boys it begins at the age of 11-13 and end at the age of 18-19. For girls it begins at the age 8-10 and end the age of 16-17.

What happens during puberty?

Boys – Physical Changes

1. Hair starts to grow under the armpits and in the private parts.
2. Male genitals grow bigger.
3. Some start to get acne or pimples on the face due to high levels of sebum in the face.
4. The testicles start to create sperm that can make a woman pregnant.

Girls – Physical Changes

1. Hair starts to grow on the genital area and under the armpits
2. The ovaries start to release eggs that can be used int the making of a baby.
3. The vagina begins to release blood also known as menstruation. The pouch of blood made in the uterus is not necessary and you get your first menstruation.
5. You get acne and is more serious in girls.

Emotional changes in boys and girls
1. Mood swings
2. Friction with parents
3. Attraction to the opposite sex
4. More self-conscious
5. Loneliness
6. In some cases low self-esteem

If you are going through puberty remember to always remain positive because puberty affects body and mind.


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