Life was easier when mom was working.

My name is Lesego, I live with my siblings Lerato and Nthabi. When mom was still alive me and my siblings would get anything we wanted. We lived the best life even though my father passed away when Nthabi was one year old. I lived in a small township in Diepsloot. It is a poor community, but I went to one of the best schools in Randburg. Life was good and bad at the same time.

In 2019, 17th of January, mama got home and called us to the sitting room. My baby sister, Nthabi, was at pre-school, so it was me, mom and Lerato. When we got to the sitting room mom told us that she had bad news, she then cried. Lerato tried helping her to calm down, but eventually she told us that our lives have come to an end because she was fired from work.

Weeks and days went by, but life didn’t get better, it became worse. Now mom is also dead, I don’t know how we will survive. My siblings thought life was good because I always spoilt them.

On the 27 April 2020, I remember it well, I was walking down the road of Johannesburg. I saw some people waiting outside the car shop looking for a job, then I also went to try my luck. I took a day there waiting for a response, but they told us we would be given a call before 01 May 2020.

On the 29 of April 2020 I got a phone call from Kwa-Mshengu car dealership, they said I got the job and would start working the next day. Life started to become so peaceful and enjoyable.


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