In primary school we were taught how to take care of ourselves. But that’s in the past now. Here comes a new stage of life; relationships and friendship.

It might sound so foolish but social networks now took over relationships. I got to be dumped more often on social networks. There is less communication in relationships, more is now done over social networks.

Communication is the source of every relationship and there is no such thing as a broken relationship. Relationships are not built on mistakes that one might have made; it is about love that exists between the two.

Love goes in different directions and mine will never be like yours. Good behaviour determines a good relationship. Someone who loves you is quick to admire you. Someone who hardly notices your new hairdo or shirt cares less about you. Well boys don’t really talk about hair and we do notice that change.

Boys, don’t hesitate telling your girl how good she looks and she will always thank God for blessing them with you. Girls want to be asked more about if they are okay, how was this and that. Even if you’re not together, such interests keep communication routes open.

It is advisable to listen to everything that one has to say. If not you will be in a guessing game. Someone who loves you will always listen to you no matter how senseless what you’re saying might be. A true relationship has its own fights and apologises. You can never know how strong a relationship is until you both have a good fight.

We’ve got to put pride aside when it comes to relationships, “Sorry,” and “I love you,” those are the main concepts. Partners should spend time together when needed.