Sadness is an emotion that expresses how happy we have been. If this emotion is strong, it weakens the soul. When the soul is weak, we cry. We cry not because we are weak but because we have realized that our hearts had once been in love.

Tears flow from our eyes printing out the unspoken words of hurt and a broken heart. We don’t hold back those tears, we allow them to run down our cheeks and wash away the pain giving our lives a new definition. For when the crying is over we become tired.

We are not tired of sadness or of depression. We become tired of hiding our pretty smiles, we become tired of being unhappy and we become tired of being out of love.

The days spent behind walls allowing ourselves to be beaten up by our emotions are the days that make our lives beautiful. The mirror on the wall tells us we are free, and the anxieties in our hearts tells us to focus on today and if today is not great, we give tomorrow a new chance.


Tell us: Why is it important to allow yourself to feel both sadness and happiness?