My name is Jennifer Parker but people who know me call me Jen. My life is a perfect mess. My parents are happily divorced. You know adults once they argue and yell there is a catastrophic tsunami coming on the way. I saw it coming and divorce papers being signed did not surprise me.

My sister, Kelly, that one is a demonic sister. She is a superficial girl who is just a Blondie bimbo. She loves herself too much to even care about her baby sister. All she talks about are boyfriends and hot guys. She is boy-crazy.

On the other hand, I am an imaginative kid of 16 years old. She calls me a weirdo who dresses hideously with glasses that complete my nerdy-look. I have one friend on Facebook, Tanya. Tanya and I love reading and playing games.

Tanya and I believe in the boogie man, Bloody Mary, phantoms and all monsters you can think of.

On Saturday night Tanya would come for sleep over as we watch horror movies like Scream 2, where Sidney gets chased by ghost faces. At the end she finds out that her boyfriend Billy and Stu are ghost faces.

Anyway this is not about the movie. Our night became a real nightmare one would wish to take back.

“I am bored,” Tanya said.

“Let’s play Bloody Mary.”

“Bloody Mary is just a bogus legend that scares little kids who are delusional,” I said.

Tanya laughed, “Hey you are cursing. Ain’t you afraid she might come for you.”

“Stop being ludicrous, Tanya. She is dead and she can’t hear me. I mean she doesn’t exist. I tried that shit and nothing happened.”

“Let’s do it together and you will see there is no such as a thing as Bloody bloody Mary,” I said.

We went to the bathroom since there is a big mirror there to perform the ritual well.

We lit a candle and switched off the lights. We repeatedly chanted her name to the mirror. We said, “Bloody Mary” but nothing happened and I laughed.

“See I told you.” I said.

All of a sudden the door locked itself. The lights switched on and off. The wind was blowing. Hearts beat fast and we shivered. We looked at each other with fear.

Bloody Mary appeared covered in blood.

You could see evil written all over and we were doomed. We tried to scream for help but we couldn’t. We felt paralysed. She strangled Tanya to death and I couldn’t help. Tanya died with her eyes wide open.

She came over to me and brushed my black hair.

“You remind me a lot about myself. Right now I am on the urge to strangle or stretch your eyes out for calling me bogus. Those blue indigo eyes of yours can make a pretty good decoration for your mother to see. I won’t kill you but I will take over your body. I wanna know that feeling of being a human again,” she said looking at me with those piercing eyes.

She possessed me like demons. I watched myself killing my sister. I stabbed her and stretched her eyes out. As for mum, I chopped her fingers alive.

I did not believe I could be a murderer. “I did not kill anybody. Bloody Mary made me do it,” I screamed.

Suddenly, I felt somebody pinching me painfully. It was my mum.

“That’s why I do not want you to stay up late at night. You were having a nightmare. Were you kids watching those violent scary movies again?”

It was not real. I hugged her so tight.

“Thank God you are alive and well mum. I love you.” I said, kissing her on the cheek.

She looked puzzled. I went upstairs and found Kelly practising her beautician moves on Tanya.

I gasp, “Phew! Thank God everybody is OK.”

This nightmare taught me that I only got one life and I need to live it to the fullest. I learnt that anything could happen and I would be lost without my family. And I love them. No more horror movies for me. I am going to live my life as a normal teenager and get myself many friends.


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