Miss Nomvuyiso Nyathi is a powerful woman in our community who has done a huge amount of work for our community. She has changed Umzimkhulu Border location for the best.

A long time ago Border location had only one school a primary school, it did not have a senior secondary school. The primary school ended in grade nine. So, after that learners would have to go to a nearby high school well, not so near. It was far away from the Border location if you are walking. Learners from Border location had to look for rooms to rent when they were studying there.

That made parents very worried about their children. Everyone would be. Besides the money that had to be deducted from their salaries money for food and rent, they were worried about their children’s behaviours. You know about sixty to seventy percent of these children came back with new members in the family (teenage pregnancy) others were now stealing, because they could not afford. Some were smoking and drinking alcohol. They were not so responsible with their parents far away from them.

Well our superwoman Nomvuyiso, had experienced some of those bad habits done by the teenagers of Border location. She had a child at the age of sixteen. Well that is disappointing, but what I am proud of is that she made sure that there will be no other “sixteen and pregnant teenagers”.

Miss Nomvuyiso Nyathi’s parents agreed to take care of her child, and that meant she could continue with school. This time around she did not play around she had no time to do that she had to work hard for her family and her little bundle of joy. The pressure was so on she had promised her parents that she would get a bachelor’s degree not another that breathes (a baby). Well, she did exactly that she passed grade twelve and went to study for teaching.

When she came back she was this very ambitious and powerful woman everybody looked up to. She worked for a few years and the started changing the community. She built a high school in Border location, everyone was so happy, especially the parents. That meant that there will be no more money spent on children because they were pursuing their studies. Education was now expensive for the parent.

Not only did she help the parents, but she also created more job opportunities, from the people who are building to the people who are teachers. Job opportunities are very lacking in nowadays. But she changed that.

People were not rejoicing for education only. In the school there were also sports and entertainment, for example singing. The children would enter competition with other schools. Not everyone needs to complete school in order to be successful. Talent can also make you successful.

With the school nearby, the sport and the entertainment, it kept the teenagers busy they had no time for playing around. The teenage pregnancy rates dropped very much. More male teenagers participated in sports rather than hanging around in spaza shops.

We are very proud, we are very encouraged and inspired by our super woman who has helped us change our community now the youth’s future does not vanish into thin air like gas. They are learning to become better people. Seeing that this was done by a woman who is also the youth is just a cherry on top.