For as long as I can remember, I have always been a go getter. Since I was a little girl I have been full of ambitions and big dreams. I have always seen myself as a change maker. Helping people out has always been inside me. I just want the world to be a better place.

Now listen!

I am Mandisa Noluthando Zungu, just a random girl coming from a rural village named Hlabisa. A place full of hopes and dreams, so many talents that need recognition. I love everything about this place, the mountains of all shapes, forest full of music made by forest creatures and rivers, the dusty roads. Yes that is where I come from, it is the best place to be but lacks coordination.

When I finished my matric I couldn’t find space at tertiary, so I had to take a gap year. I became bored since I was just at home doing nothing. After some time I decided to do something as I had all the time in the world. I gathered scholars in my village for a study. I would help them out with their schoolwork just to make sure they were on the right track, I did that on weekends.

Doing nothing with my life at that time made me realised that I had something special to do. I made it my responsibility to make sure that those kids change their mindset and believe in education as the best option. That is how I remain positive and motivated that something good will also come up for me.

The parents will thank me continuously for the good job I was doing. But deep inside me, I knew that I was not doing it for anyone but for me. It would have been heart-warming to see doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants etc from my village one day. I did it for self-actualisation and satisfaction.

Well they are still doing their best with studies. But for me right hear I am in the city of Richards Bay, furthering my studies at Umfolozi college, Richtek campus. I must say it is also the best place to be with people filled with positive minds. So again, I am still helping out others who are behind me. I have always loved education, I believe in it more than everything.

Here I am trying to be the best of as possible. Meeting new people has been the best thing to ever happen and I love what has become of me. I am my own inspiration, I take charge of my academic life and has done an amazing work. I no longer feel like studying full time, I just want to get to the working environment and show them what I got. My dream is to work at King Cetshwayo municipality, every time I walk over there I just realise myself walking over those steps near that well-structured parking lot. And get in to that door and work.

I believe in myself and that one day I get what I desire. I wish it could be anytime sooner because I can’t wait to show the world how enthusiastic I am, also my willingness to learn and grow.

Whatever I believe I will become, that is how self motivated I am.