Nothing stops you from being yourself except you. The way you chain yourself, in many ways, is because of your mind-set. You can be a slave to your life because of your own mind-set but in the end you have to love yourself enough to save yourself.

It’s so easy to be tempted into being impressed by anything, to believe everything, even the things you’re resisting. But you can stop doing this by saving yourself.
How you save yourself is by thinking for yourself, loving yourself and knowing that it’s important for you to be there for yourself.

As a teenager, I used to be so madly in love with myself. Beauty was one of the things that I loved the most. It comforted me, it taught me to love myself, admire how I am and always know that I’m worthy. As I grew older, into a young adult, my mind-set changed. I knew that it was time for me to start being responsible for myself, taking it very seriously, and I knew that I was supposed to be there for myself a lot.

I started saving myself from the company that I keep, watching the things that I do and how I am. There is nothing that I enjoy more than knowing that I’m responsible for my own life and how to love myself; knowing that no matter what happens in life, I still have my own back.

That’s the back that I should take care of and if I love myself enough I will save myself.


Tell us: Have you ever have to save yourself from people or places?