Nombuso Mgidi

It is almost at the end of the year and we are no longer going to be called first years, but seniors. It was a long rocky road, but with Nombuso Mgidi we became people who hides behind a smile, an eccedentesiast. She is so hilarious, but behind that childlike sense of humour lies intellect. She contributes towards no mood disturbance and hostility. She speaks health and life to every human being out there. God blessed her with a variety of natural talents. She caters for a lot of things, full of life, humanity and righteousness.

Nombuso has the ability to mesmerise you with her beaming smile and angelic voice. Her breath and voice flows through structures that resemble pipes. Yes, we all come from different backgrounds, a group of diversified first years.

When Nombuso starts singing and hitting those high notes of a song called ‘More Fire’, the entire windows of the Gazelli, a place where meetings are held, smashes into splinters that cannot be returned to their normal shape. But because of the cohesion that her songs bring, all of our voices integrate and breathe as one regardless of our good or bad vocal intonations.

I was not astonished when she was announced as the top first year in our residence — Nj Van De Merwe, because she deserved it. Heavy-hearted souls would find jubilation in her presence. Lost and confused souls would forget about their confusions for a moment and join the ‘Ujobe udlala kamnandi’ dance.

One of the impeccable qualities that I admire from our dearest Nombuso Mgidi is the fact that she never limits herself. I believe that she ticks all the boxes required for a developing vivacious woman that is going to make amazing music, which will act as food for the soul and bring all sorts of energy and vitality.


Tell us: Do you know someone who has a similar character to Nombuso Mgidi?