My mother did not have children for many years before she had me. She had a very wealthy husband. My father, her husband, decided that he should have a second wife and that my mother would be the one to choose the wife. My father did this because he loved my mother. My mother chose her best friend.

Over the years my mother’s best friend became jealous of my mother. My father loved my mother too much, more than he loved her. Three years later the best friend got pregnant. And then one day her best friend went into the forest, she was going to consult a witchdoctor. When she arrived there she asked the witchdoctor that she has to give her a poison.

When she arrived at home she put the poison into my father’s plate so that he could hate my mother. My mother got pregnant with me and my stepmother made me blind. Twelve years later my step mother killed my mother it was very hard for me. She treated me very badly.

Then one day when I was sitting outside the house, a man called me. He was a pastor and he said that God wanted me to be a pastor. I was very happy because that was my dream all along. God has answered my prayers. I went to America to do a course and also to teach other children.

When I came back to South Africa I became a pastor. The night I was getting ordained – I had an hour of grace. And on that night my stepmother confessed her evil things. She did that and then she died. One week later I went to my father’s house. He was so happy to see me that he cried he said he was very sorry for all the things he did and that he loved my mother very much. I then cried and prayed with him; that the spell in my eyes to be broken.

I lived with my wife and children in peace.

The End