It’s true what they say, there’s always that one person who holds a special place in your heart, and I’m proud to say that someone is you.

Who would have thought that you and I would be more than friends? I mean who would have ever thought that there would be an β€œus”. I have so much love for you that I sometimes get overwhelmed when I think about you.

I bet that all the girls who have a crush on you are jealous of me and are crying a river because you chose me instead of them. I bet that they hate me and spit whenever they see me, because I’m the one who won your heart. They’ll just have to chill and understand that I won your heart fair and square.

I don’t have to fight for you as I know that you’ll always come back to me whenever you leave. I know that you make girls weak when they see you and they wish they could date you. You make them smile. They whisper to each other about you as if you are a celebrity. My responsibility as a main chick is to sit back and watch because fighting for you will be like fighting for property that is already in my name. I understand that you are a lad and lads tend to make mistakes, as they don’t get satisfied easily, but if there’s one thing I ask of you, if you do cheat, don’t show me as that will break my heart.

I can’t pressurize you to love me harder, when you love me madly. Listen, all I want from you is to be your main chick and your favourite girl. I want to be your forever and I don’t want to find myself as one of those who only love you for the money, that doesn’t even belong to you. I want to be the girl who loves you for who you are. I just want to be your special somebody.

I can see your lips mentioning something about me being the one you adore and I totally agree because you’ve shown me ever since we became an item about how much you care. I want to love you as if you are the only lad in this world. This kind of love is the one I know that I deserve and thinking about how lucky I am to date you enlightens me every single day. As long as we continue loving each other, I swear that we can make history and that we can also be in the hall of fame as the phenomenal teenagers who drove each other crazy.

I know that there are times when I act like a maniac, but you are the reason for it. It is because of you that I can’t control myself whenever I’m around you. You can judge by the way I smile and stare at you, that I enjoy every moment I spend with you. What can I say? I’m just a girl who’s deeply in love with you. Our love is like a boomerang because every time when we throw it away, it always comes back to find us. Falling in love is not a bad thing at all. It can be a little bit crazy but it’s amazing.

I can’t promise anything but for as long as you love and appreciate me I’ll always make you happy and make you never regret dating me. One plus one makes two and that makes it the two of us because a third person in our love will bring nothing but complications. Let’s never say it’s over until time and destiny say so. Your love is like a tattoo, it can’t be removed.

You make everything better, when I am with you all my problems disappear.

Not even fire extinguishers can extinguish the burning flame of our love. Scientists won’t be able to find the cause of our love, x-rays won’t be able to scan our love for each other, cops will trip while trying to catch our love, criminals won’t hijack our love, hitman won’t kill our love, families won’t bury our love, judges won’t judge our love.


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