Simphiwe, a guy who was from a rich family, fell in love with a girl named Goodness. She wasn’t sure if she loved him or his money. Goodness was cute and many boys were after her. Mpho, Goodness’s friend, had influence on Goodness to date Simphiwe for money. She also wanted to, just because she needed money to pay her fees.

Simphiwe was really into her and he would do everything to have her. They then dated. Three months later Goodness had to pay her fees. Mpho was there to support her in the relationship. What Goodness was thinking about was money and Simphiwe wanted love. Goodness had a boyfriend and he also knew about Simphiwe. Goodness had to tell him everything; that is was for the need of money, not love.

Mpho had secret feelings for Simphiwe and Goodness didn’t notice it. Simphiwe had to realize that Mpho was the right girl to date. From then on Goodness was deeply hurt and her love was developing for real. Simphiwe then fell for Mpho and dated her. He then dumped Goodness and it lead Goodness to be single and broke at the same time. She spent all day long crying.

This time she missed love more than money. She was then chasing love that she didn’t want to have before. Mpho knew that she could no longer be friends with Goodness. Mpho set some of her friends to date Goodness. She finally found one; a guy who was good to her. She never needed anything else again. It was now for both loyalty and money. Mpho was not so sure that Simphiwe was the right person anymore. She then she went back to her best friend to apologize for her wrongs.

The End