Baby I know I’m not good with words but I will try️.

The sun can’t shine without the sky, neither can my heart without your love️. The stars can’t shine without darkness, neither can I live without you. Baby my life is not complete without you. You are the sky for my sun️, the darkness for my stars.

When I first laid my eyes on you I thought it was a dream, but then you told me you loved me️ and I knew I wasn’t dreaming anymore. I want to do so much with you. Baby I don’t want you to ever leave, I will be empty without you. I will be like a sky without a sun, a night without stars. I will be totally broken without you.

You are the reason I’m living;️ I don’t live for me anymore I live for you.

I will live for you and die for you.

Tell us: Have you ever been in love before?