I used to be a person of people, and everyplace I walked, I would share everything of mine. I used to have my own presence, and everyone could feel it. Then the season changed, and people started giving me their broken hearts. I could be with them for the moment, and they would give me a heart, but the moment I turned around and left, they would give me a reaction of a broken heart. That was when I realised that they did not want me or love me anymore.

A strange man from a different biome came with a different attitude. I asked him why people change, and why they turn back and leave you, and he said it is not that they have changed, they just did not love you from the beginning, and we are just too blind to see it.

I sat back and listened to what he was saying, but it did not make any sense to me. “How couldn’t I have seen that? Does this mean that no one love me?” I asked.

“You couldn’t see it because you were blind,” the man responded. “You were too blind to see that not everyone would appreciate what you are. Love cannot be born everywhere, and sometimes you need to expect a miscarriage. Do you know what that means? It means it was not meant to be yours.”

“What could I do?” I asked.

“Do not be afraid of losing all the people around you,” he responded. “Maybe it is not the right time for you to be surrounded by them. Step back and focus on who you are. Step back because, at that moment, God is preparing you for the right people, and the right people will come at the right time.”

Since that day, I started distancing myself from those around me. I had anger in me that I did not want everyone to see. One day, I was approached by a group of people who I knew from my area.

“Why are you so cold blooded these days?” they asked.

“What do you guys mean by that?” I responded.

“You are very cold. It’s like you no longer live in this world, and you’re in a different planet. Come back and live with us,” they said.

“That’s because I’m in love with the person I’m silent with when I am alone,” I responded.

Do not give people who deserve your sunset your sunrise. If it is everyone who deserves your sunset, then let it be so.


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