Ever noticed that if you smile, the world smiles back and if you’re sad the world also enforces sadness upon you?

Try it, smile. Don’t just show teeth, but smile, and see!

Every time when you go through sorrows you feel like everything, everyone or anything is against you and when you’re happy you can even tell the freshness of wind that it is happiness.

So whatever you’re going through or facing, just keep on smiling. Whatever you do just don’t dwell on the overwhelming feelings of sadness; it’s not healthy, not even worth it.

We usually hurt ourselves by expecting love from people, either a friend, family members or a lover, and when they respond we swim in the pool of happiness. When they don’t we depress ourselves, and claim that God has his favourites, that our ancestors are against us.

We seek help in wrong places, yet the help is within us, if other people can be happy why can’t we?

Smile and smile. If possible smile even in your coffin. Die smiling and the world will be smiling!


Tell us: Do you agree that you should always be smiling?