As normal people with imaginations and feelings, we all want that somebody who will make us happy and spend the rest of our lives with but the question is, how do we know if that somebody is the one?

Mmmh, I guess it’s one of the trickiest questions to crack as some of the people just come into our lives to mislead us. Are we supposed to pray, hope and wait for the one that will come to us when we least expect it, take our hand and show us the future between us and them? Or should we just have an affair with everyone who approaches us promising us heaven and earth while at the end of the day they get away with the murder of our hearts.

It’s hard to predict if someone is the one because even the ones that we put our faith in tend to leave our hearts in pieces. Should we persevere in pain for the sake of our love for them? Just because it’s said , “No pain, no gain.” Or should we just let go and hope that if they are the ones for us, they’ll come around someday and realise that they lost rare jewels in us.

Why didn’t the Almighty make things simple for us? If only the Almighty had put the maps of where to find our soul mates in our bodies when we were born, I guess we’d all find felicity. Not that I mean that our felicity depends or lies in the hands of others but there are some people out there who can make us happy. To the point where we feel like we’re complete, people who just know what to do to make us happy.

Perhaps God wanted to spice some things up in this so-called game of life. Perhaps finding the one is one of the laps we have to pass in order to finish the game. Yeah, I think it is because there are so many laps we have to cross, like in the Formula 1 sport. Finding the one may seem easy when you are infatuated but it’s not.


Tell us: Why is true love not easy to find?