He killed her and moved on as if nothing happened.

There was a man by the name of Mpumelelo, he was a lonely man and was staying alone in his house. He was a very strange man and was addicted to a drug called Tik. On one Friday morning I saw Mpumelelo at the corner of Raymond Street, he was smoking. I got a bit scared when I saw him, not knowing what he could do to me. He called me by my name, but I did not respond. He kept on looking at me, smiling slightly.

On this same day, when I was visiting my grandmother’s house, we saw my Aunt rushing to the house and shouting, “Untsiki ufumanekile” (Ntsiki has been found). I wondered who Ntsiki was, and my Aunt told me what happened to Ntsiki. She told me that Nontsikelelo disappeared a few weeks ago and her family never knew where she went.

One day Mpumelelo was in his bedroom chilling with his friends, and they smelt a funny smell. They asked him where the smell came from and Mpumelelo told them not to ask him questions about his house or they should leave. He left them in the bedroom and went to the shop to buy cigarettes.

While Mpumelelo went to the shop, his friends started to search his house to see where the funny smell came from. They searched under his bed, and they saw a dustbin. When they got to the dustbin the smell was stronger. When they opened the dustbin, there was a black bag and so many flies and the smell was so strong. They opened the black bag, and they saw Nontsikelelo dead in the plastic bag. They were so shocked they couldn’t believe that Mpumelelo hid Nontsikelelo under his bed and they had so many questions to ask Mpumelelo. They waited for him to come back from the shop.

Mpumelelo finally came back and they confronted him without giving him any chance to deny it. He started telling them that he was chilling with Nontsikelelo one night smoking tik. He had asked Nontsikelelo for a kiss but she refused. Mpumelelo told his friends that he raped her and killed her. His friends left him and called the police. Mpumelelo confessed that Ntsiki was not the first person he had murdered.