The township that I live in is Cape Town. In Cape Town there’s a lot of cities. I don’t really live in Cape Town, but I live in a small town called Red Hill. Sometimes I really wish I could vanish from Red Hill because these dogs here don’t understand when I say, “Voetsek!” At night I get distracted because they bark for nothing but silly things.

In my community there’s a lot of gangsterism going on. Small kids joining gangs and sometimes I question myself, “Why do young kids join gangs?”

Red Hill is more like a village because there’s a lot of bushes and stones. For examples for the girls, when you feel like going out, you can’t wear high heels. You will trip because there’s big rocks and stones.

When are they going to change the Pota Pota or Mshengu toilets? Sometimes I feel like vomiting because the smell ain’t good at all. When I’m sleeping I sometimes get distracted by people’s big footsteps.