Having life as a right makes me feel at ease. Knowing that, if it may be that my one most important right is violated and abused and I am not allowed to live my life the way I feel or am killed, I must live in a way that will not violate other people’s rights. I also have the responsibility of taking care of the right as much as it was given to me as a human who lives and needs it.

When one takes away a life of another, that one is to be punished. But as we all may know, no punishment may ever be enough for a life taken. Living is no small thing, as time is part and parcel of living. Time gives us more reasons to live and brings truth to the right of life. When we are given birth to, we know nothing but learn as we grow. By the time we know that we have a life, we start to protect it, and that is one of our responsibilities, as well as not violating other rights in the process.

When as humans we see that a life of another has went into the unknown, we cry, we moan, and we wish we could have said more or done more to prevent it because it is the basic right of all who still have it. Some wish to throw it away, but really it is not the correct thing to do.
What makes us human? I think it’s living, and out of all there is to have and be, our living is our number one priority. We may starve and suffer, but we still live and practice our utmost important right, and that is the right to life.

I for one try to enjoy life to the fullest, and I think all who still have a life should, for we do not know the day we’ll die. From the day I saw that I was given life but not the time at which it will be taken away, I suddenly knew that I need to do something about it. We all need to find our purpose for life, and in achieving ours we can help other achieve theirs.

When the human rights commission said that having a life was a basic right, it was because they also saw that without this very right the other rights would literally not exist, and, therefore, I say that this right of a life stands out amongst all the rights there are.