I woke up and headed for school that morning, as usual, and encountered other pupils, including the girl in red and black uniform. I wanted to hold a long conversation with her, but a salutation was all I afforded. That morning something triggered within me, as I talked longer.

For a moment I was lost in her beautiful eyes, the echoes of her voice were a sweet rhythm that made my heart dance, her beauty before me weakened my legs.

Because of different institutions, days passed without seeing her but my mind always painted an image of her. As destined, we met on our way back from school. I expressed my love in a way I never had because when I said I loved her, I meant it.

Her smile gave me hope but she insisted we become friends as to know me better. The more I tried convincing her, the more her smile faded and so I accepted the offer.

We mostly communicated via cell phones. I learned more about her. Despite her being gorgeous, sexy and neat I discovered she was also kind, smart, courageous, and was an inspirational person. The more I thought about her and communicated with her, the more I fell for her.

My worst nightmare occurred on our way back from school. Passing by I spotted my Juliet with another guy. This guy patted her bottoms and she leaned on his chest.

I was shocked and hurt, as if a sharp arrow had pierced through my heart. My friend comforted me, but his means reflected on the sad soul. After a lot of thinking, I understood why she had lied. I gave her something her boyfriend didn’t and every boy wanted her as much as I did. Now that was enough for me to fight for her.

I was pissed and furious when she said that was her brother.

“How can your brother hold your booty and stand like that with you?” I asked.

“He doesn’t want boys coming after me!” she reasoned.

“Bullshit!” I exclaimed.

We wrangled until she blocked my phone and several others when I tried apologising for my angry behaviour.

Months passed without speaking to her but not a day passed without thinking of her. Coming back from school, another friend of mine introduced me to her female friend.

Later that day she texted me and it was an advantage to find that she long crushed on me and so it was easy to crack the code and steal her heart.

She loved me in a way no one had. She washed dishes at my house and every morning she fetched me before going to school. She always laughed at what I said and every time I gazed at her, she blushed and smiled.

Regardless of our chemistry, she never dissolved in my heart. Constantly thinking about my Juliet, I decided to contact her.

It was a relief to discover she unblocked me. After long chatting I asked, “Do I still stand a chance?”

“Maybe,” she replied.

I didn’t care about the other guy, all I wanted was to be a part of her life. After convincing her several times, she finally accepted my love. To secure a future with her, I had to sacrifice my current relationship.

I hated that moment. I crushed another soul all in the name of love. I could see the pain, disappointment and regret in the girl’s eyes but it had to be done.

I enjoyed chatting with my Juliet now that I was her Romeo, but things were too good to be true. I now wanted to meet her, touch her and feel her but she made things difficult. Yes, she loved me, but she was afraid to fall for me.

The more I wanted to meet her was the more we wrangled. Slowly I was losing her, and eventually she pulled the plug on the relationship. I was hurt, disappointed and emotionally paralysed but why do this?

My Juliet had problems with her boyfriend and seeing me with the other girl had made her bitter. I made things easier as I was willing to sacrifice my girlfriend in her time of need and when she reunited with her boyfriend, she realised she couldn’t handle two boys, and I was the pawn she sacrificed.

Love is not as it seems. Investigate before you indulge in it. From the love triangle, two souls crushed and one walked away.


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