A good feeling that always comes in January.

Well not to all of us, parents complain of money, some of our friends or relatives have failed their grades. It is not a mistake to fail a class. I call it destiny. I once failed and I came across and left those who left me back to gain experience of my last grade.

This, here is not about me at all. It is about us as citizens.

All learners aim to be in matric one day, and some don’t get to make it to Grade11. Grade10 tends to immobilize children’s dreams, people get to repeat it. Passing Grade10 obviously is that you’ve got what it takes to pass Grade12. Grade12 is just a combination of all Grade10 and 11’s work; it only involves less, new things.

For a matriculant to pass he or she must have a balance of school work from personal issues. Why do people get to have fear of waiting for results? Fear writing errors, not your results. If you did research, final exams always get to be easy. But learners have the tendency of thinking that question papers can be repeated. That’s the way to formulate a fail.

If you are like me you hate reading, get to understand what your teacher is teaching you. And re-do it the same day at home, during your exam time you will only have less work. And it is hard to pass at university if you don’t like reading. That’s why learners should train themselves to read in time, to boost their ability to understand and take the pressure off.

Be free when you write your exams. It helps a lot. You can also Google tips on how to study; it will help you.

Good luck people.