In the world that we are living in, whenever one hears the term pastor or a prophet, one does think of someone who is holy and knows the how to spread the word of God and that the person is filled with the words of God in his blood. Others think of someone who can perform miracles, heal the sick and can make the impossible possible.

This is not the same with most of the pastors and prophets of the current generation, of the 21st Century. Most of these so called ‘men of God’ are not here to practice what they preach or what the holy Bible tells them to be doing.

Nowadays, people are only indulging in the ministry of preaching the words of God for their own reasons. Others are doing it just to be attacking other churches, different governments, races and even their friends, which is contrary to the words of God that are stringed in the Bible. Others are only doing it just to gain popularity. Others are only doing it mainly to earn a living or as a source of employment. They do take the church as their office where they are supposed to be paid by the church’s offering.

Since most of the Christian colleges and universities do send their students who are studying a diploma or degree in Theology and Religious Studies to different churches, so as to do their practical for about three months or more, and after that sending them to do their ministries in different churches, a lot of people have seen it as a breakthrough to solve their problem, especially lack of employment or job opportunities that is inevitable worldwide. Most people have forgotten that being a pastor means a lot to people who are Christians. Instead, they turn into pastors just like a chameleon to be cultivating people’s money for their basic needs.