The Red teeth gang was a gang of eight boys from West Hill. They were a gang of respectful and holy boys. They gave people love everywhere they went. The Red teeth gang was famous in West Hill for their work in the society. They were breaking poverty in the community by farming vegetables and giving them to poor families. In their community anything that was out of order, the Red teeth gang would fix it for free; starting from crime, family problems and more community issues. The Red teeth gang was not choosing families; they were helping everyone.

The Red teeth gang played a big role in the West Hill society, as many playgrounds were made by them with their own hands. They didn’t ask for any donations from the community, because they were working with the love of having a better environment for future generations. Everyone in West Hill loved the Red teeth gang.

It was around 2pm, and the Red teeth gang was coming from school. On their way home a community member called them and he asked them to dig a rubbish hole for him. The Red teeth gang members went to their different homes to change out of their school uniform and went back to the community member’s house.

While digging, one of the Red teeth gang member’s knocked a coal rock with a spade and he called his gang to see the rock. The Red teeth gang was so surprised and lucky to be the first in the West Hill community to notice that their area was on a coal mine. They then called their community and told them about the coal mine. The community agreed that the mine should be monitored by the Red teeth gang and that they should be responsible for everything to do with the mine.

After being chosen, the Red teeth gang called mining experts to open a mine on their land and they moved the community to the other side.

The coal mine was operated by experts, but still under the Red teeth gang. The Red teeth gang continued to work for their community with the royalties from the mine. The Red teeth gang was rewarded with endless joy from their community.


Tell us: Do you have anyone as helpful as the Red teeth gang in your community?