Can somebody please this time tell me the right place to go? I’ve been getting lost and looking in all the wrong places, it seems. My heart never settles. I have travelled miles away from town looking for this thing that’s missing in my life: love.

I stood closely and watched trees grow so huge, strong and watered by rain. No winds blew them away. My tears fell on the ground, watering the soil. Will it be steadily alive too? My love. Fate, hold me by the hand! Lead me to the castle. Let me fly up to the place where angels flock happily just like eagles flipping wings together, heading to the nest joyfully.

I’ve got to find a soulmate and love. I’ve got to breathe. Universe, give me life and let the oxygen flow smoothly through my nostrils. Don’t take me out now without finding this nostalgic warm feeling. I know it’s out there, treasured.

Seek, it’s part of life. Some people lie and mislead. I once thought I had found this heart. While we were at it, walking through life’s tunnel together, we had to take a rest. The journey tires one out. I was, we both were. We fold ourselves closely packed just like puppies on an island with icy winds. We tried to close our eyes for a moment but bright stars at night under this lightly made garment shone on me and the cold woke me up. It was a sign. It was time. I found myself shrunk all alone without love. It was nowhere to be found. She was gone.

I stood up with hands on my head wondering where she might have gone. How did she leave me all by myself to die in the cold? With tears in my eyes, I shouted, “Love, where are you?”

Somebody blinded me and I thought it was love that we had with us but I was wrong. Love is still out there, not with us. I got to find out that love was missing. That was my true mission. I’m crawling with thorns on my knees and calling love out. It needs to be seen, felt and served!

Feed me more with tender and sweet love. Love is a gamble so let me have a stake, beautiful lover. I know my heart is full of broken pieces, it’s stabbed. But love mends stitches. It heals even if the heart is bleeding.


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