I will finally hear the sound of the taxis early in the morning ‘peeeeep’. I’d look outside the window to see kids running with their big school bags on their back with their neatly ironed uniform, their sweet angelic voices calling out to the taxi driver ‘Ndilinde ndiyahamba nam’ (Wait for me I am going also).

As I open the door I take in the smell from Aunt Zodwa’s fisheries, I see the long queues as everyone is patiently waiting to be served. The fatcakes warm, filled with juicy fillings and a cup of coffee or tea – yum! The aroma from those two mouth-watering treats is a combination. The smile on her face as she serves her customers and makes jokes to Ta Mike who is always short with a R2. Everyone wants him to be last because he always has a story about how he lost the R2.