My everyday heroine is my mother. I trust my mother and she cared for me. I love her very much. She was kind, loving, caring, honest, sweet, lovable, intelligent and beautiful. She was the best person I liked and she cared about me. She gave me my childhood memories. She was a marvelous person.

My best day with my mother was the day we spent together and went to Learner’s Education. It was very important to me and it was very good to be together. When days are dark, friends are few and everything seems like it’s bad luck even when you are trying to do the right thing.

She raised me very well and taught me respect. She said that learning will always make me have a successful life with bigger opportunities, and I will always have a bigger and better family who will always look after me and my family. She said if I believe in God, everything will be easy for my life, even in bad times things will turn to good days. When God takes you out from the darkness and brings you into the light, everything will come to light. At the age of ten I learnt that everything would be easy for me as child, but at the age of fourteen to eighteen things would change for you, even in adulthood. She said I will overcome my disabilities and disadvantages so that I would be a better person.

What I liked about my mother is that she was the best caring person to me and I will always remember her no matter what happens.