My every day hero is my father. He is a nice person that I needed in my life. He is sweet, kind, lovely, peaceful and humble. He used to look after me. I love him so much and I will never forget him.

He reminds me of my memories. He used to tell me how important school is in my life. He is everything that I needed. He said that he wants to see me high with opportunism and success. He said he wants me to carry on with school. He said whatever people are saying, if it is a bad influence, I must not listen to them, I must do my school work. My father is the best person in my life. The person I trust the most in my life. My father is a very good man. I remember when we were together we used to speed time and talk about how important God is in life.

What I like about my father is that he is a good father and I am proud of him. I know who he is in my life. I am here today because of my father.