When are you going to learn to love me like my siblings? Why do you discriminate against me? I’m no longer their sister but their monster. Why do you hate me so much? I never gave you any reason to! You joined the queue of people who always insult me and hurt my feelings because of the colour of my skin.

I was born as an albino and there is no way I can change my skin colour to be black like yours. I cried so much until my tears became dry but I have accepted what I am, though I became a laughing stock to many people when they see me. I became a joke to the world and I lost confidence in myself. I dropped out of school because I was tired of being called names. Some called me ‘White lady’ and some called me a ‘black-and-white girl’.

No one wanted to be my friend or even sit next to me in class. When the teachers gave us group work, no one wanted to participate with me because I am an albino. I blamed the world for being so cruel to me.

The people who must give me so much care are the ones who treat me like a piece of trash. When I am next to them I feel so unwelcome. A person who must give me so much love is the one who wishes me to die and I am not surprised why people in my community hate me.

How can they love me while the person who gave birth to me hates me? How can they love me on the street while the people I call my blood hate me? Love and respect are different, but when you love it means you respect.

Mother, look at me in the eyes, I am your third daughter Paulina. Touch my heart with your right hand and tell me it’s not true. Why are you refusing to touch me? How heartless are you, Mother? How can you sell my body to an old man who is a stranger to me? We never met and we never loved each other. I am scared this old man will rape me and take my virginity, which is my reputation, and sell me to be his prostitute.

I already forgave you, Mother because I love you, and I know you will be happy when one day you hear that I am dead. You ruined my life but I still thank you for giving birth to me. Now I understand why my father had pains in his stomach before he passed away. Now I know that you are an evil woman who poisoned my father and sold me to a scary man. Take care of your precious two daughters and three sons.


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