I’m Busboy from Free state, Allanridge, also known as Truthdakar

Life is not easy because of many things. Like now, I’m a local model, but people don’t give me attention.

One day I want to be on TV and motivate people from what I experienced since I was born. My friends laugh at me when I say I want to be on TV, it’s not easy. I know you must work hard in life. So one day I asked myself why my friends laugh at me; do they want take me down?

I advertise my own clothes and motivate young children. My mother said, “Don’t trust your friends because they may speak badly of you.”

My day will come no matter how many days, months and years it takes. People who don’t judge their friends are the ones who will become stronger in life.

I teach myself lots of thing about friends. We have real friends, friends who recognise real and fake friends.


Tell us: Why are good friends so important?