It was yet another ordinary boring and very hot day.

Little Langa had planned a day full of games and adventures, not exactly knowing what he was going to do, but he could not wait to play with his friend Shaka since they only saw each other on weekends.

Jumping up and down outside singing and getting ready, Langa saw something unusual on the wall that shocked him. He could not even move a toe. He looked closely, wondering what it could be, not taking his eyes off the wall. He found himself staring at a very scary boy without any eyes, a nose, or even a mouth. This boy stood facing him. Black, also wearing black clothes.

Langa said hello but the scary boy on the wall just stood there not saying a word. Langa raised his hand, waving at the black boy. The boy also raised his hand.

“What is your name?” Langa asked, but he did not get any answer.

All of a sudden Langa remembered how his mother always warned him not to talk to strangers, so he decided to leave the boy alone.

Langa took a step towards the backyard. Surprisingly, the scary black boy followed him. Langa stopped and stood still, not taking his eyes away from the mystery boy. The boy stopped too.

Langa was now becoming angry with the boy, he yelled pointing his little finger towards the scary black boy on the wall, warning him. He raised both his hands, then the boy also raised both his hands. Langa did not like the game the boy was playing.

“Go away and stop imitating me!” he shouted. However, the boy carried on. “Stop it! I do not even know your name!” Langa’s face became red with anger. He started screaming and running around the house but the boy was running beside him on the wall. Around and around they ran. Around the house, all over the yard even, and around the trees the boy also went.

Langa ran until he fell on the ground, losing his breath. He suddenly became very scared, his whole tiny body was shaking and his teeth chattering. He had never seen this boy anywhere before. He did not even know where he stayed. What if he was going to steal his toys? His favourite ball and the alphabet book.

Langa stood and ran very fast, hiding behind the bush screaming.

“Help! Mom, Dad!”

His parents, with his dog named Bones, ran towards the bush where he was crying. In shock, they asked what the matter was. He could not speak any more but was just pointing to the boy whose head and hands were peeping out of the bush Langa was hiding in.

“Mother, Father, the black scary boy is also following you,” he said, pointing at the ground.

His parents laughed so hard and told him that the boy was his shadow, which was going to be with him forever. Whenever he needed someone to walk and play with, it would be there. He was never alone. It was like a guardian angel to look after him. After hearing this, Langa felt relieved. He laughed so much he fell and rolled on the ground and his shadow did so too.


Tell us: When did you discover your shadow?