Who are you? Who are you, you wolf in a sheep’s skin? How dare you enter my life like a serpent? Pretending to be my rock when the only thing you are good at is striking at me? How dare you make me a fool like that? How dare you use my kindness against me?

Am I that good that you see me as a threat? Was it really your plan when you wormed your way into my life, to break me, kill me slowly by your hurtful negative poison you call words? How dare you have the audacity to go around claiming your love for me when you know that deep inside you despise me more than your biggest enemy? How dare you tell me those hurtful words? How dare you go around laughing with my enemies behind my fragile back and call yourself my other half? Do you really hate me that much? Am I such a monster?

A wise friend once told me about your kind. A wise adult warned me to get away from you but like a fool I fell for your act. How many nights have I gone to sleep with a broken heart? Lying to myself that all relationships go through hardships while I’m the one with scars and tears on my pillow. I give, give and give my everything. And me being a fool, what do I get in return? Oh yes, you guessed it, more pain.

After everything you’ve put me through my love, I will not stoop down to your level .You are low…way low and you try by all means to bring everyone down with you. You have made me stronger, you made me realise my greatness, how intimidating I am. I’m much stronger than the girl you have been trying to make me. Strength is my last name. I will be greater than what you think I am. I’m the great powerful ocean that can make giant waves. The biggest mistake you made was planning to break me but you were actually making me. Now who’s the fool? Who’s who?