“Good evening Ma, I would like to buy two bottles of water,” I said to the woman in the shop. She handed them to me and I gave her the money. I turned around and started walking home. On my way I saw my best friend Kelly. “Hi Kelly,” I waved to her.

“Hi Katie.” She waved back.

We began to talk to each but our conversation was quickly cut short by the sound of people shouting and screaming, and a crowd running towards us. We both knew what that meant and began to run towards our own houses, not evening minding the fact that we didn’t say goodbye. I ran to my house as fast as I could and locked the door once I got in. I didn’t even need to alert my family of what was happening because they could hear the noise already.

“Don’t these people get tired?” My grandmother asked looking annoyed.

I’m sure you must be wondering what is happening, well I will tell you. For quite some time there has been a war going on between two gangs and my street is their battlefield. This has been going on every day for the past week and each day has been scarier than the last.

We started to hear glass shattering and people screaming. My brothers hid under a blanket for protection, my aunt was pacing around the room, probably terrified, while everyone else was trying to peek through the window to see what was happening. I was trying to be brave but heaven knew how scared I was.

Nevertheless, time passed and it was already 11pm. It had been two hours and they were still at it. My brothers had fallen asleep with the help of my mum, and it was also time for me to go to sleep. I went to my room, said my prayers and tried to fall asleep. It was hard though, with all the noises outside, but I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my brother wailing, I got up and went to go find out why. I asked my mum and she said he was wailing because he didn’t want to go to school. That then got me thinking that she actually wanted us to go to school after what happened yesterday. I then asked her and she we must go to school. I began to complain and beg but she just ignored me so I gave up and got ready for school.

Once I was done, I told everyone I was leaving and walked out the door. While I was walking down the street towards my school I noticed there was broken glass on the ground and some red stains as well, and I began to think of the gangs, all the trouble they have been causing and all the people they have hurt. But come to think of it, this area has always been filled with thugs at every corner causing one nuisance or the other. Yet, with all these problems that happen every day in my community, it’s my home, its my hood.