What is depression?

Depression plays a big role in our lives, and it has no patience or remorse. Many people have committed suicide due to being depressed, and it makes you live your life in the shadows.

I, for one, am a depressed individual. It’s actually very hard to interact with people who don’t understand this whole concept of depression. It’s hard to even go to shopping malls and events because of the fear you have about people’s judgements.

People usually deal with depression by drowning themselves in alcohol. They attend parties on weekends, not because they are looking for fun, but because they want to forget, they want to be free.

There are those who like to be indoors all the time, they are too closed off. They would rather eat more food and sleep more since that’s where they find comfort. Some people don’t notice that people with depression are actually suffering from so much pain, and by the time they start lending a hand, it’s already too late.

Depression is also responsible for the high rates of suicide all over the world. That’s why I actually believe we should stand together and start opening our eyes and help those with depression before it’s too late.


Someone might need these contacts today:
Suicide – 0800121314 (Suicide Crisis Helpline – SADAG – South African Depression and Anxiety Group)
Depression – 0800567567 (SADAG)
Rape – 0214479762 (Rape Crisis)
Assault – 0861322322 (Lifeline)
Emergency – 112 (Emergency services)


Tell us: What advice do you have for someone who suffers from depression?