She was a wonderfully bright and energetic sylphlike girl, only inquisitive and sometimes very cheerful. Her shrewdness brought about a great pleasure and yet bonny returns. She had a diligent voice like a rustling sound of lively different birds and was constantly given complements for it.

Nombulelo, also known as Buli, is the name her parents gave her, claiming that they give thanks to God for he had answered them, after a year of prayer for a baby girl. She was brought up in a hard-up, pastoral settlement by the lower-class family of three members, including hers. There were only four different families with four houses, and Buli was the only girl at her age.

Her father was working as a herdsman on a farm that belonged to a very self-effacing farmer, who always displayed constant gratefulness mingled with what was merely deepening to amusement act. Meanwhile, Buli’s mother was in the family way and could barely obtain a job occupation. When Buli came back from school, she would often find that her mother had cooked a mouth-watering vegan’s meal. She doted on vegetables and always maintains a sense of eagerness. Also she wholeheartedly loved a fried, hot-spiced beef with gravy stew. When there was a slaughtered ox where her father worked, they would be granted enough to spare meat and her father brought it home.

When asked at school about long term dreams they wish to fulfil, Buli would respond to the question in a blaring voice. “I want to become a teacher.” She was really outspoken and enjoyed her studies. She had one friend, Amanda, whom she only met at school during break-time. For both of them, it was the ultimate year at the junior secondary school, that wind-up at standard 5.

She wished to start her senior high school studies at St. Peters high school, a private school with cotton fabric blazers and a picturesque badge situated at the town outside from her place of birth. The school was phenomenal according to her belief, sport facilities were up to standard, the music theatre was owned by the school. Which was what best, mostly and strongly fascinated Buli, and plus the passing rate was extremely high. But, she knew that her parents could not afford to take her there, it would be financially draining. She began to be interested when she first heard about the school from her friend who has already been admitted.

Usually for students who live in an outlying area, the public school organised transport to accommodate them and for Buli this was the case, so she could not come-across any difficulties regarding transport. Normally, whenever she came back from school, her mother would wait for her at the bus stop.

It was in the afternoon, around two o’clock and Buli`s mother was waiting as usual at the bus stop, when the bus was sluggishly approaching. It moved until it eventually reached the bus stop. Buli came out of the bus with some of her mates cheering at her.

“Good bye Buli, enjoy the rest of your day. I will see you tomorrow,” said Amanda.

“I will see you tomorrow friend,” Buli responded.

Immediately, her mother helped her with her schoolbag and they headed back home. Along the way home, they allowed a short conversation to occur.

“How things do fly at school! You must be back-breaking, now that you are enduring your final year. I have been thinking about the various senior high schools for the following year.” Added her mother.

“Really mommy, so do you have anything that you can think of?” she called out.

Her mother had once heard about the school, not too far from where they live. But it was far enough that Buli would have to look for a nearby place for where the school was located. She would not be able to travel from home to school and back in one single day. The travelling consumed approximately thirteen hours.

“I’m not quite sure about what I am thinking Buli. Perhaps, both your father and I will have to come up with a long-term plan that will be sustainable for the sake of your education and your future as well,” said her mother.

“Mommy there is a very splendid private school that I know of, and my friend will be studying there for this upcoming year, she is admitted already. And surely she will find a suitable place at the school hostel,” Buli suggested.

“A private school Buli? Have you thoroughly thought about that? How are we supposed to pay for your studies, meals, clothes, hostel, pocket-money and entertainment, all of that? No offence my child, I want you to proceed schooling next year but taking you to a fancy, financial costing private school is something that I cannot be able to do. We don’t have money, only rich people go to those schools.”

Because Buli was an understanding, open-minded little pretty girl, she could not easily get furious about her mother’s response. Only she persistently kept her fantasies alive and even promised her friend, who often encouraged her about putting the private school to her priority choices, that she will apply.

Many young girls around misfortunate communities were reluctant to dream, and constrained to build a clear vision about their lives. This was caused directly by the lack of motivation or inspiration, low self-esteem, and even the absence of good guidance throughout their lives. This was mainly offside to Buli’s traits. Although her parents had no money to spend on her education, that could not tear apart her courage to acquire information and knowledge in order to uplift herself.

One afternoon, Buli came out of the bus with a great smile all over her face, moving towards her mother who was waiting for her at the usual spot, holding an envelope in her hand.

“Look mummy, look at what they gave me at school today.” She passed over the envelope with an overwhelming feeling to her mother.

Both of her parents hardly went to school and could not write, neither could they read. Nevertheless, her mother tore the envelope and took out a blue and white printed paper-card. She gave it to Buli, so that she can read it.

“Aberdeen Junior Secondary School. Parents and students this serves as to inform you about the farewell ceremony for the standard 5 final year students. The following instructions are to be adhered to by all stakeholders before the farewell can commence.

Venue: AB JSS Starting Time: 1 p.m. Dates: 2014 November 22 Entrance Fees: Not Applicable For more information contacts: 043 4482 433/043 4482 431”

“Oh my dearest Buli, that sounds like melodic music to my ears,” added the mother.

When they got home, they could not wait to tell this thrilling news to Buli’s father. The weeks passed by and the farewell date was approaching. Buli had no trendy outfit to wear, although her mother used to work as the seamstress. She had nothing special to offer her daughter, when needed. She tried with her best effort but she was unsuccessful.

When the day finally arrived, Buli could not panic about wearing her school uniform at the farewell ceremony. Every student was perfectly stunning in his or her outfit. There was a special guest at the ceremony, who was a well-respected successful businessman. When the principal asked for any kind of entertainment from any learner, no one volunteered. Until Buli’s friend, Amanda, suggested by whispering up to the principal that Buli can sing.

Eventually Buli was asked to sing. At first she was nervous, till one of her mates pushed her to the stage. With her opulent voice she began to sing, everyone was blown away by her performance. Not only did she received credentials, but the businessman offered to take her to one of the superlative schools of music that will broaden and stimulate her music career. Her parents were delightful about her achievement and entirely supported her.