I faced a difficult background, with horrific experiences. I was born with cancer, grew up with cancer. I was raped at 9 years old. I hated every moment of it, wish I could rewind and stop it. I hated every human being called a man; I couldn’t even be left alone with a man.

My father was a nice man, he made me not fear him. He understood me well and began to teach me about everything in life. From school, house chores, cooking, puberty; it was my daddy who taught me because my mother was never present in my life. He brought me a bible saying I must read it and attend churches.

I attended a Youth Conference and it was a pleasure to be with other teenagers. I got baptised at 15 and that’s when I had a strange dream. I just thought it was just a dream, it happened for 3 nights and I decided to tell my pastor at the Apostolic Church.

In the dream I was in a land full of darkness and there was burning around me. I heard wailing of people. They cried a lot then I saw something shining. A man in a white robe held my hand and led me out of that dark land. He said to me, “You don’t belong here, God is calling you.”

The pastor prayed after rectifying my dream and then he said, “God is calling you, you are favoured.”
I was so confused but the Pastor explained that God wanted to use me and walk by my side. My father had given me too many bibles in different versions, and I sat and read them but I was still ignorant.

I was ignorant for many years. I was still in the world even I knew about God. When I was 31, I thought of my life and saw that I was busy ignoring God even after He showed me signs. I could predict my future and other people’s, people started to hate me and call me names. If I dreamed of someone’s future, I prayed without telling the person anymore. I began being rejected because I spoke the truth. I prayed stronger, I could feel God’s presence. That’s when I got liver damages.

The doctor said I needed another liver or I would die but I kept my faith in God. One day the doctor said my liver was non-repairable. I began to pray over for 3 hours in a day; I would pray more than five times. I could hear voices laughing at me saying, “You pray to a fake God, He doesn’t hear you.”

I became stronger and didn’t mind the negative; my mind was full of positive thoughts. Instead of discouraging me, it encouraged me to get closer to God. The Word of God became my friend, my vision, my strength, my solution, my comfort, my shield – the list is endless. I began to heal even the doctors got surprised by my progress. My mother told me I was a fighter because I could have died as a baby but look now I am in my thirties, blessed with children of my own.

When I saw the vision of my children being led by two angels to school and back home, it made me even stronger and made me believe that this God is real. It made me stronger that I wanted to be close to God like never before.
Why do I say I am a strong woman? It’s because of my life which is a testimony of God’s work in my life. I am standing full of life. It took me years to become close to God. And God kept me year after year knowing that one day I will turn to Him.

These challenges have made me stronger. I overcame the worst; I am a fighter, a survivor not a victim. I never lost but won as many times, my life is a testimony of God’s hand upon my life. God is merciful and has power. He has power to every situation, disease, poverty, cry, sorrow, pain. He let everything in your life to make you stronger and be close to him with belief. He wanted me to trust him.

We all are highly favoured with grace, we all have a mission to accomplish, we need to walk in the right path God sets for is. God put those circumstance, obstacles and situations to make us stronger with hope and trust in the Lord. I am a strong woman so are you.

The End