Once upon a time, there was a town called Karisburg, this town had clinics, schools and it was a very small town. Maki and her friends were enjoying themselves at Karisto’s night club, and they decided to hit the road joking and laughing on the way.

During that time, Killer and Spike heard a group of people laughing and chatting.

“Spike, here comes the mission my friend,” said excited Killer.

“Look, buddy, we mustn’t leave any tracks. Remember we need to be professional.”

Maki noticed something suspicious as the gangsters approached the girls. Killer took out the gun but he didn’t cock it. The girls heard a gunshot and they ran away, Maki didn’t make it, she fell and Spike grabbed her.

“I am sorry guys; you can take my cell phone and wallet. Just please have mercy on me,” Maki was terrified and she wanted to cry, it was as if she saw the path of death. Dieketseng hid behind someone’s house.

Killer and Spike didn’t listen to Maki as they raped her. Mantsho heard Maki crying, she wanted to help her friend but it was too late. Her heart was hurting as if someone stabbed it with a spear.

“Spike, let us kill this girl, she might report us,” Maki’s death was horrible, they shot her several times.

Dieketseng heard a gunshot and thought they were coming for her; she jumped the fence and fled.

The police officers gathered at the scene, even the community members were scared and complaining about the murder. Sergeant Mokhethi took a statement from Mantsho.

“It was Spike and Killer, they killed my friend and raped her. It was too late to protect her,”

Mantsho’s tears were flowing like a river. When Dieketseng saw that, she comforted her friend. Sometimes it hurt to see your loved one die while having to make a quick decision.

Dieketseng and Mmantsho waited there until the end of the scene. Later on, the same day, the girls visited Mr Thabang. Mr Thabang was a community leader.

“How can I help you, my kids?”

“We are very worried about this murder, we are losing our loved one,” said Dieketseng.

“Mr Thabang as a community leader, you need to make a plan,” Mmantsho cried.

“Mr Thabang, I think we need to visit the station commander right now,” said aggressive Mmantsho.

“We are sick and tired. These boys have gone too far,” the girls wanted justice to take its course.

Mr Thabang took the girls to visit the station commander, Colonel Tsie.

“My chief, we are here to complain about the crime that is taking place here. The community of Karisburg is very worried sir, we need police to perform and serve this community with loyalty. These girls lost their friend today. Make a plan sir; we are tired of this crime.”

Colonel Tsie promised Mr Thabang that they were going to form a forum of CPF. Mmantsho and Dieketseng were very excited and they thanked Mr Thabang.

After a week, Colonel Tsie called community members to form CPF.

“My people, we are here today to make you aware of the crime, as the police we need your help. Today I am going to form CPF, a forum that works with police officers,” when community members heard that they were happy.

“It is good to form that forum colonel, we are sick and tired of crime,” said mme’Moselantja. The attendance by the community was enormous. Colonel Tsie advised community members to buy whistles so that they could whistle for each other when they heard any suspicious things.

Spike and Killer planned a mission of a break-in, it was very difficult for them to get food and money, and they visited Moselantja. Moselantja was busy watching TV, when she heard a window breaking.

“Help me, somebody trying to kill me,” Moselantja took a whistle and she blew it. The community arrived and started attacking the gangsters, when Spiro noticed that they were being attacked he fired a gun, everyone ran away.

The boys got a chance to run by jumping the fence. Everyone was looking for them, it was chaos in the location. Killer fell and Mr Thabang caught him, and he handed him to the police.


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