In high school, I did not really know what I wanted to do post matric. However, I wanted to go to Rhodes University. At the time, the love for cars was still at its infancy.

Overtly, in 2015 June 24th, that trait about me became evident to the public. The first car went up my Facebook timeline. Soon after, CAR magazines became a huge part of my life accompanied by reading.

“It’s fascinating the way these people write about cars,” I would think to myself each time I read their reviews.

Consequently, writing my own short reviews became a norm with drastic improvement of my writing and analytical skills.

In matric, I just about knew what I wanted to do.

“Journalism! I can do auto journalism,” I thought, so I sought professional advice.

A text message which would go on to mark the transitional point found it’s way to

“I would like advice on how to become an automotive journalist?” It read, amongst it’s lines.

Bzzzz! Bzzzz! My cell-phone vibrated a few minutes later. A quick and non-hesitant tap on the pop-up notification revealed a text which read.

“You can explore the world of social media or start a blog.”

Promptly, it struck me.

“I need to create a page and give it a name, what will the logo look like? How will I stay up to date?” I thought.

Thankfully I had Google Play store, YouTube, Facebook to use as my ancillaries.

Post matric. Year 2016. Despite a B-pass achievement, I couldn’t go to school. It wasn’t enough to see me through into journalism at Rhodes. I solely yearned for it and nothing else.

“Okay! Now what?” I asked myself. For that year, I volunteered to tutor at Ikamva Youth. I facilitated Biology and Geography. It was very rewarding and I enjoyed it a lot.

Around June, I then joined Upstart– an NGO I was once a part of back in primary. They were doing radio shows with Journ2 students. To my interest, they also had journalism classes.

“Count me in” I said to myself in excitement. The radio talks were fun, the journalism tuts were FANTASTIC. So much so that they fuelled my auto journalist dream.

Within those classes I found a few of my pieces being published on the programmes newspaper. One which I’m most proud of was titled Jozi journey to auto journalism.

After its publication and the plaudits that came with it, I perused reviewing cars with great tenacity.

“I’m ready to start that blog,” I thought.

I had a logo, a reliable and local source to keep me informed. Four Wheel Chasers was ready to be activated.

Today, the page has 87 active followers. I’ve also had to introduce printed t-shirts, caps, cups to increase brand publicity. The support from friends and family is amazing and the blog is doing well.

However, these are just words, click here, see for yourself. Until my dream comes true, I’ll Keep On Chasing!