When you look around it’s nothing but misery. It hurts because you are striving for success; keep on moving you will get there, remember strong walls shake but they never collapse. You’ve been praying to see change in your family, but it seems like there is no hope. Listen, do not worry, you will find peace. You will drive that car, you will change your home situation, you will build that company; all you need is to build hope in a hopeless situation. In life we have to run a race not because we are cursed, but because God knows that you’re going to win; if you are not strong why did he put you through that?

You are a winner, believe in yourself. Tell people that you were born to do this even if they don’t believe in you. Why wait for tomorrow, why wait for your friends to help you? You are not a failure, do not allow the world to take away what you have; yes it hurts but you are not going to quit climbing that mountain no matter how long the road is — you will find the edge.

Your background does not determine where you are going. Only you can decide what you want for your future, not others. Stop listening to people, you are not them, you do have a purpose. Sometimes what we plan does not go the way we expect, but we don’t have to kill ourselves or lose hope. Life is a journey, you are on your own.

Stop giving people your attention, they just want to discourage you. Don’t look back, keep moving, you are about to claim what’s yours. I know it’s been years crying for help, I know you have been having sleepless nights, I know you are tired, but do not let go of what you have started. Give yourself time, take a break if you have to, but build hope in a hopeless situation. The only person who can rescue you from this deep ocean is you, nobody else. If you want to be in a competition look in the mirror, the person you see in the mirror is the only person you should compete with. Do not engage with small minded people, go seek help, go seek information to help you change your circle.


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