Most of the congregants were still outside of the church when the blue bus entered the gates of the church.

Suddenly the bus driver stepped out of the bus wearing all kinds of traditional beads, some surrounded his neck, some his legs and some his arms. The church members were in shock to see the bus driver entering the office of their pastor.

“The gods has directed us to this place”, said the bus driver standing looked at Pastor Takalani.

Slowly, Pastor Takalani placed his hands on top of his table. Pastor Takalani pointed down with the finger of his right hand and asked, “Gods? Which gods and what did they say to you when directing you here?”

“They said that your church is built on top of the late High-Chief Gobodo’s grave; we are here with the traditional healers to perform our traditional ritual to the gods preparing to hand over power to his successor,” replied the bus driver.

Pastor Takalani began speaking in tongues, saying, “Shhh brigado- handrican- dabrigado. What are you saying?”

“Yes pastor, you are taking our time. Remember, the villagers are waiting for us so that the new High-Chief Godobo can be given the authority after the ritual to the gods,” said the bus driver while walking out of the office .

“No, no, no, no, this place is holy ground, you cannot perform your ritual here,” said Pastor Takalani.

At the same time the worship team were already starting to sing the songs of praise in preparation for the church service.

“As you see now, the traditional healers are on duty,” said the bus driver pointing to the traditional healers who were busy walking around the church carrying the clay pot and brooms and began sweeping surrounding the church.

“Security, security. Please stop this traditional healers from doing what they are doing, this place is not for this”, said Pastor Takalani.

By that time, all the elders of the village were entering the church carrying traditional drums. Suddenly the worship team was forced to stop singing as the traditional healers set the Malombo drums and started playing and dancing.

Church members and Pastor Takalani were all standing outside of the church, praying, shouting and singing.

Pastor Takalani then woke from his dream, drenched in sweat with his blankets wet, as if they came out of a washing-machine.


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