Dear Father

I am typing here with my tears flowing on my cheeks every second, my body shaking like a leaf and fuming with anger. Too close to erupt like a volcano. Read through the lines carefully, my beloved father.

I thought you would be part of me forever. I never thought you’d leave a ten year old child starving to death. I had so many dreams about you. I thought you’d be the first one to know about my first stolen kiss. I had imagined you applauding with pride on my graduation ceremony, as I always wanted to graduate with summa cum laude. I thought you’d witness me taking a bride to be your adorable daughter in-law. I just had so much planned ahead with you.

You saw it as a good deed to leave my mom for no reason; a woman who loved you unconditionally. She cooked mouth-watering dishes for you, washed your clothes completely immaculately and took good care of you. She always made you a lunch box, waking up at the break of dawn. She never complained. But in all that, you dumped her like hot steel. Your actions were beyond off limits. I always sneak at night to listen to her sobbing non-stop in her room. Me and her always sleep awfully at night. No one cares to explain why you left us.

As I’ve highlighted above, I’ve graduated with summa cum laude, all my three feathers in one cap. I’ve obtained my degree, honours and masters in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at University of Pretoria. I am hired at Statisticians South Africa as a Senior Statistician. I made it, without you.

Furthermore, I have one kid, my lovely celestial angel I live for. We’re a happy family now. We would like to be with you again, if you’re still alive though. Your gap in our lives can never be filled by anyone except you.

I miss you Dad. Before I close my eyes to sleep every night, you show up on my mind with a fat smile. But I’m gradually dying inside. It wasn’t my intention to slim. No it wasn’t. Day by day I have a hope that I’ll meet you. That you’ll storm out of nowhere and give me an I-missed-you-son hug. I always go back at home disappointed.

Please come home. Khumbul’ekhaya made no difference. Soften you hard as a rock heart, swallow your pride and come back to your family. We all miss you.

Your Only Son
His Name