From my childhood days, I’ve always been one to always find myself in a desolate place. I never placed myself in such situations because I loved being alone, no, it was because I was totally different from other kids.

While other kids were busy playing, I had to look after my siblings. And to make matters worse, I found out that I am a stutterer. I didn’t mind looking after my siblings cause I knew that in time they’ll grow up to be independent. What I couldn’t get myself to understand was my stuttering, I mean, how does one even outgrow such a condition? My whole world and dreams were shattered as I even wanted to be a motivational speaker.

I was forced to isolate myself from others, and without any much effort, my presence naturally repelled them. I couldn’t even complete one single sentence without frustrating others and even myself. My stuttering spread and I became a joke.

To preserve myself and keep my sanity, I decided to just live my life on my own, in my own little world. Dealing with the fact that I’m a stutterer was hard enough for me, I couldn’t allow others to destroy the little strength I had to press on.

It didn’t even take much time and the misery began to creep in.

It went on and until my mother picked it up and bought me a pen for my birthday present. I took it and didn’t realise that she was actually helping me liberate myself. In time I realised that it truly was a great gift. I couldn’t verbally express myself and so decided that I would do it in writing, and my pen would be my new best friend.

Indeed, as I started writing down my emotions, as I was long yearning for someone to talk to, my pen gave me a chance to liberate myself and it lightened my yoke of misery.

My pen is very sentimental to me as it truly saved me from drowning in my own pool of misery. It allowed me to free myself and although I stutter, I can still express myself through writing.

I’m about to take a course in media and writing all because of my pen. My then shattered dream of being a motivational speaker can also come to pass through my pen. It has opened a whole new sparkling world for me, one filled with joy and sweetness.