My friends and I were walking when we saw a big, strange abandoned house. There were different kinds of plants in the backyard.

“Whoever can go in and get a flower will get money, as much as you want,” one of my friends said.

I was happy for this part but scared for the starting, what if we can’t get the flowers? I was still thinking this through when one of my friends, Terisa, raised her hand and went in with a bottle. I don’t know what happened she never came back, just kidding!

We waited for her for a long time.

“Let’s go look for her,” my friend Lexy said.

She is brave. Some of my friends made excuses saying they were hungry and that it was getting late. I tried to think of a different excuses, but I couldn’t find any. But we went inside.

It was too dark, we all switched on our phones’ flashlights. Lexy suggested that we split up, so we did. Tara and Lexy went to the right and Clare and I went to the left. I could hear the sound of grasshoppers, birds and other insects. My biggest fear was insects, if I saw any I would run. But maybe not because I didn’t want to leave Clare alone or get lost. I thought that things couldn’t get any worst, but they did – my phone died.

We were walking when I heard the sound of the bushes shaking. Clare said it must be a rat so we examined. Suddenly somebody came closer towards us, I knew it was a human because there were footsteps. We were moving back when someone yelled, “Boo!”

I fell down and noticed it was Terisa, we found her. She had an Asian Bleeding Heart (a type of flower) it was so beautiful.

Now we only needed to find Lexy and Tara. I just wanted to go home. I pretended to be sick but Terisa tugged on my shoulder and said it would be okay. We saw a broken window and thought that they were inside.

“They must have known that you’d find a flower, they are probably looking for you in the garden,” Clare said.

We nodded and heard someone coming. I thought of scaring them.

“Boo!” we all said at the same time to each other, and we all got a fright. We found each other. We were happy we did, now it was time to go home. This time the challenge was whoever could run out of the house first wins. I won, I ran out of there, eyes closed.


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