Trust in the Lord – Psalms 37 verse 3

As we live here on earth, we tend to trust people in our lives differently. We tend to put some degree of trust in people we know, especially those whom we have known the most in our lives. There are people who have placed all their trust in their friends. There are people who have placed all their trust in their Christian leaders – like their prophets, reverends, pastors, church elders, and convenors. There are also many children who have placed their trust in their parents – not thinking that their own parents would lie to them about anything.

Here is a thing, most of us do forget that it is only God himself, the father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whom we are supposed to trust at all times as we live here on earth while waiting for the last days of our lives to go back to Him.

We forget that God is the only one – not any other living creature on earth – who is completely honest. We forget that God is the only one we should trust, rather than any witchdoctor whom we might see on earth.

Instead of trusting in the Lord alone, we often put our trust in people who frequently end up disappointing us. We put our trust in people who get jealous when we tell them about our success. We forget that God is the only one who always feels happy for us because of our success in life and continues to shower us with more success in our lives as we continue trusting in him. We put most of our trust in people who hate us or turn against us, as we progress in our lives – we forget that God is the only one that is the opposite of hatred.

Instead of putting all our trust in God, we end up trusting those people who are created by God. Most people put the trust they could have put in God on other people. People don’t put their trust in God because many are not following his teachings, many are not reading his words written in his Holy Bible, many are not following his commandments. People are still sinning each day, each week, each month, and each year. But yet they claim they are Christians. People are still killing others, gossiping about others, getting jealous of others, vandalising one another’s property, and fighting others. Even children are no longer listening to their parents.

If people are not putting all their trust in the mighty Lord, it means they are followers of Satan, not Jesus Christ.

Those of us who call ourselves Christians, should allow God to be with us, cleanse us, clean our hearts, free our minds to start trusting in him with all our hearts, at all times. That way people can be called his followers and they can live a happy life in paradise. To do this, they need to read his words, preach his words and have faith in Him at all times.