Here’s a story about a little girl called Yolanda, who lived with her father. Yolanda was 11 years old and felt neglected by her father.

Yolanda was a smart and popular girl who was loved by almost everyone in her school. The school teachers admired her potential.

Yolanda lived with her mother, before she died in a car crash, when Yolanda was only 6 months old. Her father decided to take her to stay with him.

At first, Yolanda loved her father and she felt loved too. Her father did everything within his power to make Yolanda happy. He spent most of his time with her.
As the time went on, Yolanda began feeling the absence of her father. He started drinking alcohol and arriving late at home. During weekends, he invited his friends to come over and they would drink the whole night playing music loudly.

Yolanda was negatively affected, especially at school, she was falling behind. She felt lonely and abandoned by her father as he stopped spending time with her, but more with alcohol.

Yolanda came to a point where she wished she was a bottle of alcohol just to be near her father. She even wished her mother was still alive, maybe if she was there for her she wouldn’t be possessed with loneliness.

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