Most of us can explain the importance of the presence of a tongue, but this value is trapped as come-and-go in our minds, never escaping our lips. Usage of a tongue should be taken as seriously as the air we breathe.

I won’t mention or explain all the technicalities of how we use our tongues as we all know of such.

My point is a law of attraction that is controlled by a tongue, mind and the universe. We attract what we experience. What our minds process is powerful: the confirmation of our thoughts may manifest should we confess with our lips.

When writing those vision boards, remember what you are attracting. When you dwell on a certain issue in your thoughts, remember the power that you are attracting. Most importantly, when you say something good or bad with your lips, remember what you are attracting.

Always keep in mind! The universe listens to us all, what you plant in your mind will manifest. What you draw your tongue into always manifests. Remember the power of tongue.

Be careful of what you say. When you say that you are nothing; the universe listens and allows you to be nothing. When you say that you are a winner, that you are rich and successful; the universe listens and allows what you order to be drawn to you.

Choose your words carefully and live your dream. Tell the universe that you are an eagle and that you can and will rise above all those storms and challenges you might come across.

Let me unpack a small story of an eagle.

An eagle has huge and total control over her children. In a nest with baby eagles, an eagle goes to find food for the children. Once she comes back, she feeds her kids with love and care.

When she sees that it is alright, she goes hunting for food and comes back, but this time she doesn’t feed her children. She drops the food on the ground, then she pushes her children off the nest. The purpose of pushing her children off the nest is not to harm them but to teach them independence to fly on their own. They don’t reach the ground, because they learn from the best to spread their wings, fly and get food.

An eagle is a bird that doesn’t measure the latitude and longitude; it is bird that doesn’t care about how high it needs to fly. Tell you what, when an eagle gets to nimbostratus clouds and beyond, it smiles and the joy in its heart overflows, because a storm is food for its soul.

I challenge you to be like an eagle, choose to speak, live and think positive. Train your tongue to speak and produce what you wish and hope to achieve and become.

The power of the tongue must be your 24/7 guard from today. Order things to happen in your life. Tell the universe who you are, order the universe to favour you.

Power of the tongue; my power of the tongue, my guide.


Tell us: Do you believe that what you say to the universe comes back to you?