There are many people in this world dying because of suicide, hiding behind the smile. Many people don’t understand what the reason might be. Most people think it is witchcraft or something similar. Sometimes that may be true but it mostly because of depression.

Depression is a great feeling of sadness and lack of hope. There are many causes for me. It may be something happening now, distressing the person or it might have happened some time ago but was still haunting the person’s spirit.

No one notices because they have a big smile hiding their pain away. They might have lots of things hidden in their hearts, hurting them. Physically they might be okay, but spiritually they are broken. They are scared to speak up because they know when people don’t understand, they will judge.

Some people don’t even need our understanding. They just want to be heard and comforted, not judged but we don’t listen. Why? What’s so hard listening? Nothing, we’re just too proud to hear another person out.

If we listened more, there would be so many things different. If nobody is perfect, then why should we even try so hard to feel worthy? Why should people suffer because they are hiding their imperfections? We should not let pride get in the way of helping others out.

Sometimes you just need to swallow your pride and help out because a smile does not always mean happiness. Sometimes it could be a mask hiding their sadness.


Tell us: Why do you think people use smile to mask their sadness?