The entire place was covered in rubbish. The smell was brutal like an insult to his nose. The whole community was at war with him. The protest wasn’t a contest he wanted to participate in and he began to prepare himself for the worst. There was no service delivery in the community and everyone blamed him for that. He was a corrupt mayor and people were fed up with his lies. The name Bobby Mtshweni was all over the news for bad things and this was bad news for him. He was the man responsible for cleaning up the community.

“People of the community, believe me, I can feel your pain and I understand what you are going through,” said Mayor Bobby Mtshweni, standing on the podium.

They were protesting against essential services such as load shedding, inadequate housing infrastructure, damaged sewage pipes and the rapid increase of crime.

“Me and my office are doing all we can to address your complaints,” the mayor said. Nobody believed what he was saying and the protesters began to throw garbage at him. The two bodyguards hired to protect him shielded him away from the garbage people threw at him. He quickly hopped into his black BMW and his driver drove him away as they fled the scene of angry protesters.

The people of the community continued protesting for hours. They were polluting the community with rubbish and burning tires; the entire township had riots. Something had to be done to calm the situation down or somebody was going to get hurt in the dirt.

“Phansi Bobby, phansi! Bobby must fall!” shouted the protesters.

“Are you filming this?” said the journalist covering the community showdown. It was a huge story that attracted too much attention and this placed the mayor on his knees. He did not know how to contain the situation.

“We are live at Sechaba township and as you can see behind me there is a group of protesters,” broadcasted the journalist.

“Bobby what the hell is going on? Why are people protesting in your township?” the minister enquired about the situation. The mayor was like a man who didn’t know how to do his job. He kept ducking and diving and didn’t know what to say to the minister.

“Minister Mdluli, I got it under control sir,” he said. The minister had no choice but to relieve the mayor of his duties effective immediately. The people of Sechaba township deserved a leader they could trust. The mayoral seat was just too hot for Bobby and it almost burned him alive.

Bobby Mtshweni was like a virus killing Sechaba township and the community was given immunity from it. The chants continued. He was finally out of office and the walls were disinfected from him. The people could finally breathe the air without smelling any rubbish.


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