It took time and years to realise who I am. At 15 years old I was inspired by motivational speaker by the name of Jay Shetty encouraging school learners on how important time was. At first I didn’t take it seriously, I had to take the time to watch it again to understand it. His words changed me a lot.

One simple quote I wrote for my first time motivated me and those around me, “Never do negative things to impress friends, because when you are in trouble, they won’t be there for you and they’ll pretend like they never met you”.

I never imagined myself inspiring someone older than me. That quote was sent to my siblings, and guess what? They liked it. My brother and my older sister showed it to some of their friends.

After the feedback of courage from my siblings, I was inspired to motivate and write books. My brother had some motivational quotes with pictures from his phone, which I included in my book. My friends on social media never discouraged me to stop what I was doing but to do more.

When I was 16 years old, doing my grade 10, I started downloading quote pictures by the likes of Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein etc. I realise I was creative when I was doing Grade 10, my Business teacher always wanted us to think out of the box, all of a sudden he loved how I was. He was inspired by my mind and my curious nature.

My creativity was wonderful to those who loved to hear from me. I started writing my own quotes, doing pictures and also posting them on social media. Many people loved what I was saying and also commented on how they were inspired and that made motivated me to do more.

Almost each and every day, I would give praise to God for giving me such a creative mind, because I found motivating other people easy. Whatever I did I learned to, “Always keep myself up, move where you must, while encouraging someone else, then you will find yourself,”

From what I did on a daily basis I realised that we are all teachers in what we do, based on the impact it has on someone’s life. Being motivated by someone’s emotions or words is a good thing, but being yourself is the best of all time.

Yes, sometimes you will be discouraged even doing what you love most. You may be forced to do worse things that will lead to pain, but never discourage yourself, because you’re the one who is living this life, no one else. Always know that you’re not the only one who wants better and bigger things for yourself, but also those near you.

We all sometimes suffer from depression or peer pressure, but the question is, do we know ourselves? Do we know what we want, or do we want to compete with those near us? Your body parts are responsible for what they do, or perform daily.

Never keep yourself down just because someone said that you must keep your pride aside. Yes, you must keep it aside in public, even when you’re with those who knows you most. Show out your pride when you’re alone because you’re the only one who knows your own abilities and there is no need for someone to know just because you’ve said it. They always say, actions speak louder than words.

I always wanted to explore, but financially I couldn’t explore places, but I had a chance to explore things near myself. I discovered my own life, knowing what my needs and wants were, also knowing things that I’m good at. I tried so many things, some I mention. Finding myself as a motivator brought some changes in me.

I have never stood up in front of people and told words of courage, because I was afraid of what will they say, but I always saw myself as a motivational speaker.

“If you’re afraid or ashamed of the crowd, then find another way to communicate,”

Many people out there need to hear your words, and that is what I did, instead of using voice and mouth, I used social media to make it possible, to give them the words.

Part of your story may be linked to someone else’s because that someone may be experiencing the same. They may need your words of courage on how they can manage, and that’s why I say, we are all teachers based on what we do daily. Someone needs to learn from you. Be who you’re meant to be, not who someone forces you to be. In other words, be yourself.


Tell us: How do you make sure you are being yourself every day?