That girl is beautiful and has a beautiful frame. I don’t know how to act around her; she drives me crazy and I feel dizzy. In fact I don’t know how I feel. What I know is that I love her but how can I tell her this? She is always with her friends and chatting to guys I hate. They are playing her and I know she won’t believe me if I tell her so. What should I do? I need to figure out a plan soon…


It was Monday, partly cloudy and everyone was standing by the walls of the school waiting for the sun like Shayamoya High learners during break time. Mike couldn’t see his girl, oh sorry, I mean his crush. The bell rang for assembly and Mike joined the first line and guess who he was standing behind? It was Omphile, the girl he was crazy about. As teenagers his body hormones started to work fast.

He didn’t hear them finish prayers and was left alone in assembly, day-dreaming about her in a sexy way. Other leaners were walking passed him, laughing.

During break time Mike was chilling with friends near a tuck shop, eating fat-cakes and Omphile passed by.

Eish I want this girl,” Mike’s friend said.

Mike responded with shock and anger, “Omphile?” He asked.

They all laughed at him and replied at the same time, “Yes”. What would happen now? Would he break his friendships for a girl? I don’t think he saw it, but he was really crazy about the girl.

On Tuesday, Mike wrote a letter on a piece of white paper. But that was the old style Mike, it was 2017 now, come on man.

Hello Omphile, my love to be. I’ve wanted to say this for long time but I see you don’t have time. I’m not good with words, I don’t want you to know that I love you; I want you to see that I love you. The question is, will you love me? From Mike Johnson.

After he wrote the letter he went straight to her, feeling brave. She was with her friends. Mike greeted them and asked Omphile for a minute and gave her the letter.

Omphile was smiling. This Omphile was not seen to be very hard or feisty, Mike should’ve read the letter to her. When you spoke beautiful words to a woman know that they are like a book that opens up.

First thing on Wednesday he went to her only to find out the girl wanted him and she was just like him, afraid to tell him. They dated, but they kept a very simply rule: NO SEX if it happened by mistake, they would PROCTECT themselves.